20161214_170837This past weekend the time changed. We “sprang forward” an hour and all week I’ve felt like my rhythms have been off kilter. I’m one of those people who don’t like daylight savings time. I think we have enough to deal with in the separate time zones.  I wish we could just pick what time it’s supposed to be be, and leave it alone. What would happen if we only moved the clocks ahead 30 minutes? Or 15? Or none?  What happens to airplane schedules in Arizona where they don’t recognize DST?

The thing is, just when my sleep rhythms were starting to synchronize with the sunrise someone changed the clocks and I’ve been struggling to wake up on time for work all week.  I’m sure this will be short-lived and soon either the sunrise or I will settle back into a routine.

I like the light. I like the dark, too. Like many people, I see my energy levels increase in the summer and I always feel like I could get a lot more accomplished in a single day. In the winter I feel energized because of the cooler weather and probably the inclination to go to bed earlier so I get more sleep. It’s kind of a shame that we the people have had to impose our own nine-to-five time structure onto things, don’t you think? But here we are.  In a couple weeks I will have adjusted, the sun will be up just a few minutes earlier and all will be right again.

Until then – Bring on the COFFEE!!!



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