Spring has come and is almost gone. Summer is knocking on the door with claps of thunder and flashing skies and time is rolling past at it’s own chosen speed.

This year I thought it was about time to tend to some health issues – both the ever-annual check-ups and addressing some other aches and pains that I’ve been putting off.  Seems like it’s never a good idea to open that particular bag of worms, so I will be leaving this space for a while to tend to business.

As I write this, I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for days to pass until it’s time for the appointments that will give some better answers to next steps.  There’s a very messy lump. There’s some crumbling bones and joints. There’s just some overall maintenance that needs to be tended to. For me, these are things that need time and quiet and thought to make the best decisions.

I hope your summer is filled with sunshine and laughter.

See you on the other side . . . . . .



2 thoughts on “BRB

  1. Dear Liz, I received your letter this afternoon, and my heart skipped an alarming beat when I read about your health concerns! Extra prayers are coming your way, along with lots and lots of hugs and well-wishes. If I had any money at all (and if I could leave my needy family) I would hop in my car this instant and go with you to all your appointments, and bring you a stack of funny movies, and take care of you.♥ I understand the need to step away from this space for awhile–I do it all the time with my blog. It will be here for you when you’re ready to share again.

    I’ve started another letter to you and hope to get it out by Saturday.

    I love that nosegay of violets!


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